Make your NFT-community
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Best-in-class governance, escrow & treasury platform for the WEB3.

The easiest way to manage and grow your community!

Easy Governance

Our Governance Suite makes it easy to create autonomy and a voice for your community.

Increase Community Engagement

Our Member Portal gives your community a voice and increases engagement.

Secure & Transparent

Our community wallet allows your create transparency and accountability.

Go Beyond the noise.

Help your community feel engaged & confident to grow

Fully Trustless

Manage your treasury easily with a trustless, open, and transparent protocol

Hands-Free Community Governance

Empower and Engage your community to be involved and part of the journey

Simple Analytics

Easily get insights into how the community funds are performing and being spent.

Looks great
Easy to use
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Build by Crypto Enthusiasts

We're a Solana-native team with backgrounds in Fintech. We met years ago building different projects. Now we look to make the web3 a safer place for communities and creators!

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